Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who loves Free!!

This is the last week to sign up for our contest! We need your blog and or information in order to count you in. Follow this post for additional details!

Who wants to send Free Post Cards? Ya! We do too! Hippopost helps do that!!

Wanna Trade? Music, Games, books.. Swaptree helps trade in for stuff your done with AND stuff you (and your kids) want!

How fast can you type? Before you start, it's addicting so don't do this at work.. I just kept doing it over and over to break my record! Go to Speedtest and check your skills!

I admit it, I am an Audio book fan, I love them, I listen to them when I am on the treadmill, sewing, and sometimes in the car. They take my mind to a place that sometimes I dont have sit down time for... I have had a love for audible for quite some time and now AduibleKids is here and they have FREE Downloads!!

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Anonymous said...

Very cool...I'll have to check some of these out...especially swaptrade... :)