Friday, October 3, 2008

Ohh, We want to make these

My sister and I both have the same issue with headbands, they just don't ever fit right. I am going to try to make these and see what I can do to make them work. The Long Thread seems to have a good idea to make it work.
I really want to get some great idea for this great framed set of photos. Material, paper, I am not sure what but something is going to look great! Or, when we have our first Birthday Party, I think we may have everyone color pictures and do something like this on a toy box or something fun. :)
Elsa Mora made great Artwork.
A friend of mine went to Africa to work to make an orphanage, I really admire her for going and she did a great thing. I am going to try to make some of these to send over so these girls can go to school when they need to go.
Wow! What a great way to use up old baby food jars! I think we may try it out with juice bottles and put snacks in them!

Cute way to recycle and have a great fun bag! Crafty Chic makes Juice Box Purses and shows us how!

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