Monday, September 22, 2008

We Are Back!! We have Our Own Contest!

Welcome to Camp! What a great way to start the week!
We met new friends and got some cleaners that we have fallen in love with. Great great great stuff. My sink was shiny for the whole 5 minutes that it was empty!

Stop by Better life at or click the above photo and check it out. Ok, so not only are they super great nice people, they are environmentally healthy and helpful, they are LOCAL and the produts are made in the USA *(and actually some from St. Louis! YA!!)

The Whatever cleaner got the scuff marks off our kitchen floor!
The I can See Clearly WOW cleaned all of our new DVD's!
I love the Even The Kitchen Sink SO MUCH that I poured it in the soap dispenser in the kitchen so I can use the bottle in the bathrooms and don't have to transfer it!
The 2 am Miracle is not going to tell anyone about the cookie dough you ate out of the fridge with a spoon, it won't have any bad commercials and it will get that nasty poop smell out of the trash cans and puke from the carpet when you have one of "THOSE" nights with your kid!

We love it! We Love it so much that we are going to have a contest! We need to boost our viewers and you becoming our friend and being a friend to others can help you win!

Here's how it all works.

1. Of course add a comment (+ one point). Tell us how great we are and what you want to see next (another point) Do this everyday and get a bonus point per day!

2. Linky Link your blog to ours (5 points if in the side bar) and add a post telling people to come here to say hello (another 3) .

3. Most Important!! In your post.. Tell US why YOUR FRIEND should win.. Tell us how great that person is and what they do to help "your environment"( your life, your sanity, your kids, listenting, and or whatever) and you can win for you AND FOR THEM (nope, they don't have to be a blogger, we will even mail to them!)! This is the best way to give back. This is an additional 10 points if you can do this and all of the above.

Once we add up all the points, they will be made into tickets that will go in a bucket to draw, you and your friends could win this great stuff.. thanks to Better Life! Our winners will get to pick what cleaner they want and what cleaner they want for their friend! WOW! We talked to our grannie too and she's going to throw in hand made knit washcloths! These work Awesome with the Even the kitchen Sink! I can't believe how clean mine looks!

Thanks to Carrie for spotting us at Camp this week, she's our friend and is great!

Come back ALL WEEK and then on Friday for a special tribute to Carrie for

Friday Foto Finish Fiestan Fun


Anonymous said...

Howdy Hippie....what a cool contest!!!! I will definitely be posting on my blog about this later and putting the button up and putting my left out and shaking it all about.... ;)I'll let you know when my post is I can earn 1 MILLION points!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA....

In all seriousness....for anyone who has kids and/or pets....who couldn't use a cleaner. Even better if its GREEN!!!

Candid Carrie said...

Holy Scomboli ... Sorry I am late and thank you for not starting with out me!

Mamahut said...

Oh my gosh, I want to nominate those first two girls who commented. How wild is that?

Mamahut said...

I messed up already. I love them because they keep me glued to my laptop. When I'm glued to my laptop I don't clean, I don't eat, I don't sleep. So see you could send them the cleaning stuff and they would blog about it and we would all love you.