Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Contest Alert! ~~

We stopped in to see Carrie at Camp and her friend Kimberly is having a contest, her first to be exact and we want to win one of the FOUR prizes. This book is so cute and we want it, with twin neighbors that started kindergarten in two separate classes, this sounds like a winner for their birthday coming up! Not sure if they can share it but if they win and read it I am sure it may help!
I like that Kimberly did a book review and so did her daughter for her own book review post on the book as well and it has a good storyline, that's not helping the daddy here that is anti-polly pocket!

I feel so reading rainbow now... Now if I could just remember what that guy used to say and get the song out of my head!


Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly said...

Thanks for linking to my contest. This really is a great book. My daughter is actually already reading it a second time.

Anonymous said...

Good luck...hope you win!!!

Love your new header....VERY CUTE!!!