Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Garage Sale finds....

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, so I tried to keep this as arts and crafts but I have so many garage sale tips I have to share.
1. if you are really looking for baby stuff, find a NEW community, new built houses in your area and search there. Most people that move into new houses bring everything and it ends up in their basement and BAM garage sale in the spring/fall
2. If you are looking for "antiques" or "vintage" go to the older neighborhoods. These are the people that have lived there forever, the ones that have all the 60's and 70's smurf glasses that they have in their cabinets from when they got them as jelly jars. Great place to find glass items.
3. scrap, crap, vintage, good will and or any resell shop - go there with a grain of salt. Don't expect the best deal. Good will charges like a retail shop, their prices are consistent in each store on a lot of items. Sheets, towels, etc. Resell shops sometimes have good deals if you can buy OUT OF SEASON! this is the best time to get swimming suits, winter coats, most items here are consigned and you can get an ok deal sometimes but know the seller is not getting a lot (i.e. if you are a seller you know what I mean)
Now for basic garage sale tips:
1. be honest, is it a good price? if it's not ASK! Remember, they are trying to get rid of it but they did buy it and they do own it so don't insult them. Brand new baby/kids outfits I won't go over a dollar or two on. That's silly, you can go to the resale shop and spend that. Don't go over 50 cents on socks EVEN IF THEY ARE NEW!
Toys: the best toys to look for are the ones you expect to do something with...
Bath toys, great bath toys are mismatched tubs, buckets, cups, and other solid items. Don't buy peoples old bath toys unless you plan to boil them. Remember what your Dr says about the suction things you use for your kids nose... Bacteria grows in those like MAD... but if you buy them boil them...
mismatched and missing.. don't buy puzzles unless you count the pieces.. I have been to sales where there has honestly been a mom on the ground putting together puzzles, DUA - Count the pieces and LOOK at them.. you are going to know if Barbies head is in your G.I. Joe / backyardigans puzzle!
2. What to wear.. Don't wear super nice clothes to go garage sailing. No one will give you a discount/ deal if you are all dressed up.. they got up at 5. a.m. got breakfast for their kids, the neighbors and their spoiled kid with the special order. Don't go looking like you are mall walking, go and be comfortable. Pony's are great and so are sweats (shorts or pants) and bring a wallet/ money holder with change.
Money - your money should be change... one or two fives - ten in ones and at least five dollars in quarters... (and a few dimes. nothing under that. if it's a nickel you can get buy one get one for it or get a nickel back) bring 2 or 3 twenties if you are looking for something big and keep them HIDDEN in your car.. under the seat or glove box or something.
Don't bring your purse and or crazy items. There is no need.. hide it in your trunk/ backseat if you are bringing it.
If you have your kids, give them their own money holder and money. This is a great way for them to learn how to bargain themselves. I give my niece her own "allowance" when she comes over, cleaning and helping out over here, and every time a chore is done she gets a quarter. We have been known to sew ourselves a purse on the day before to hold our money and some of our bootie, no need for plastic bags, save them for the next guy.
Let your kids get what they want if its their money - Yes, I know somethings are off limits, Chinese stars, the peeing kid into the shot glass, but if they want the Lego guy that they already have and it's 10 cents, give in... maybe they want a three headed guy. Also, for GOSH SAKE let them buy something for grandma, this is a way that they get to pick out their own presents and it's great for birthdays and Christmas and maybe even get something that they really do like. If not, you know where it's going and they get the pride of knowing they did it themselves.
3. Parking - if you need or only have the extended cab SUV with the extra wide everything, park where you can get in and get out, expect to walk, don't break standard rules, cut people off and expect that you are the only one shopping. Also, if there are two sales, park in the middle and walk. Wear your pedometer and make it your exercise for the day. I love neighborhood sales and our stroller, works out GREAT.

Have fun! Bring a camera... tell people that you want to show your husband/wife/mother the item and maybe come back for it... Even if it is a chair shaped like a high heel with pink leopard print.. makes for a great Candid Carrie Phriday Photo Phiesta

Now for some fun!! Look what we found!


Anonymous said...

What did you find?

Anonymous said...

Good tips! Are you and Bob gonna let Taryn play with all of that....or are you going to keep it for yourselves???

Hippie Family... said...

mine, mine mine!!! the dora house is going to grannies, the creepy spongebob water baby to cousin and not sure about the rest yet...

Shannon said...

The tip about going to new houses for baby finds is pretty good! Would have never thought that.