Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hot Banana! Hot Banana! (Cookbook Review)

While at the store looking for a book to make baby food, I came across this one. Cute, looks like fun and so I look inside with the (all of 15 seconds and a cranky 5 month old in her car seat) and find a recipe to mash banana's. Oh yes, it was just that good and just that easy. I need to go back for this book but we did the banana mash for our 1st food experience.. I ate a whole one on my own just because it smelled so good I had to try it, then ... it was gone just like that!
Oven set to 350
set bananas on a cookie sheet (I would suggest some foil but we were out)
Yup, just lay them there... I know.. it's so odd..
cook them for about 20 to 25 minutes.
Take them out.. try to hold off, I know your dying to see what's inside.. but let them cool so you don't burn your fingers off..
ok if you can't wait (like me) use a fork and some tongs to open the banana's now
if your mashing them for baby food, stick um in the chopper or keep that fork to use to mash. If you are using them on, hmm I don't know ICE CREAM!! or maybe putting them in muffins or bread of some kind then just take um out and get ready to cook.. these were AMAZING and so easy to make and clean up...


Anonymous said...

Look at you.....I just went to the store and bought Gerbers....

Z and I do love the bananas.....yummy!!!!

I did make an ice cream this weekend you might like. It'll be going up on my new recipe blog soon....once I launch that bad boy!

Dee Light said...

I've been wanting something like this thanks for sharing!!