Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crayon Update... good info and testing

there are a ton of blogs out there about cooking down old crayons to make new ones. We tried it and here is what we came up with.
  • Don't do it when your tired and your kids are in bed... When you forget and leave them in the freezer over night they crack and then you have to cook them over again.
  • If you put a wick in the center, they make very cool floating candles...
  • If you can get some old pots from a garage sale, you can cook them up and pour them in candy tins and make different shapes (expect pictures of this in a future blog, closer to the holidays)
A few more good ideas came from:
eSSORTMENT shows how to make your own crayons from scratch!
A Year of Crockpotting shows you can make them anywhere!
Craft Daisies makes them as mini muffins and great gifts.. cute!
Celtic Mommy shows an easy clean up method... good idea! goes old school and makes stained glass (and also says that ice trays are good shapes too, good idea)


Dee Light said...

A good friend of mine made these and gave them as party favors at her daughters b-day.

I've never made them myself, but I certainly have loads of old crayons. I'll have to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Hey, party favors for a birthday....hmmmm...I think I know of one coming up in November...hmmm....

I've been trying to save his old Grandma in on it too.....I do wanna try these one day. The candy molds are a good idea. If its shaped like his kitty cat...he'll talk about it FOREVER!

Hippie Family... said...

I'll check my stash for kitty's.. I know I have Pooh & friends set. I have christmas, I have houses, I have snowmen, I have flowers, i am not sure what else. I made a ton of chocolate stuff.. I think I may have halloween, when's the party going to be?

Anonymous said...

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