Monday, September 1, 2008

Try to keep up... theres a lot going on for our first official post!

We have our first first first successful post and project!! I am so excited!! I have been dying to make these pajama pants from One More Moore. And, I love these Tee Shirt kids pants from Rookie Moms and one of my most recent addictions is the FOE( Fold over Elastic) and tutorial from Angry Chicken. (purchased from Sewzanne's!) and mixed um all together and made these super duper cute pants for Miss T in honestly under 3 minutes from an old pillow case that I could not find the matching sheets for!

So, here's the deal.. this is how you make these cute pants and they are SO easy!

Step 1.
take an old pillowcase and a pair of your child's pants (or I guess ladies shorts too) and fold them in half INSIDE OUT and trace around them. The crotch seam goes inside. Check the rookie mom's tutorial for additional instructions if needed :D
I choose one size up in our pants so we can grow into them and wear them a bit longer. I checked with my neighbor and a standard pillow case can do girls pants up to a size 6.
Cut out the the lines of where your pant outline is. I folded mine over and cut them all at once but remember, you need 2 legs. So that means cut on each side.

Fold together and sew the crotch, then the legs. Once this is done you just need the FOE and your all set! Pants! Fun and comfy!!
Follow One More Moore's pattern to make yourself a matching pair from the top sheet!



Candid Carrie said...

You sure crammed a lot of information into one post! I finally have a space to put up my sewing machine and leave it right there for whenever I need it! I'll be over here looking for inspiration! Plus, I'll never throw anything fabric away, because as soon as I do you will tell me what I COULD have done with it!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I'm STILL not gonna make any clothes though!!!! ;)Now I'm not gonna do it just to spite you! Oh, that's've been spited....spitten....spote?

Kelly said...

Adorable!!! Where's the cute model to along with the pants?!