Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do I need to mention Christmas Already? Lets talk cute gifts!

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Look at these baby slippers from Mahar Drygoods (we love them, and the slippers too)

Seriously. you want your kids to help with the dishes? check this Kitchen Scrubber out from Perpetual Kid!

My husband let our 6 month old watch Sushi Pack, she's going to need this one day from Modern Tots

About 2 years ago, we got 12 of these between my neighbor and myself and gave Buddha Boards to all of our kids, nieces and nephews.... lets just say it was a very fun year for Art in all our houses and they work great for kids 3 to 19, ok 20. alright already,,, ages 3 and up!

We are adding to our Christmas List that we want some Clipo's from Playskool!!

When buying for:
Teachers: try something simple, gift cards are nice. If your kids want to be involved let them paint or color or add their favorite items to a tote bag. Go to the craft store and get some canvas bags and let your kids add in their favorite fruit snacks, granola bars, candy, and a picture. That is a great way for them to share and you to give the teacher something they can use. Toss in a few individual packs of fruit and nuts, some raisins, and maybe even a drink box.
Siblings: Let them pick out one thing from the dollar store, yup, it's junk, you betcha it's more junk in your house but it's something they did for the one person they yell at the most and will probably help break that toy soon.
The other Parent (or you): Not letting your child buy you or your spouse something for Christmas is actually mean and hurtful. Even if it is something from the dollar store or something they made. Let them make you a bracelet or necklace. Maybe even get a tee shirt and let them paint their own design on it. Something really simple and easy is to get this special printer paper and a cheep flannel blanket and make a photo blanket (or pillow, shirt, tie, and what imagination!)


Krystyn said...

When buying for teachers? It's nice that you think of us. I think I've had one student give me a gift ever for Christmas...and two gave me baby gifts.

Nik said...

What wonderful ideas! I love the scrubber...what an awesome little gadget.

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life said...

Great ideas!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for clearing everything up! I'm in a Zyrtec medicine haze today... shoulda used Claritin (isn't that what the commercials say? Claritin clear?)

I love the garage sale ideas and the teacher ideas. This will be the first year (of many) to buy for a teacher, so I really have no idea where to start!

Christie said...

Seriously cool ideas! Thank you!

Romi said...

Great Ideas...came over from Candid Carrie.

Randy Charles Morin said...

do it online

Jennifer said...

Great ideas! Thank you!

Mamahut said...

How fun, I get to look at all of the cool things because you did all of the leg work or is it finger work? I'm over from Carries. btw I put your button on my blog and I will post about it tomorrow. Thanks and I still think Carrie and Z's mom need to win. NOT that their houses are dirty or nothin ;)

Dee Light said...

Gift cards are a great idea for teachers!! Some years a group of us have gotten together and pitched in 5 bucks each for a gift card to a nice restaurant. When I was teaching I appreciated all of the gifts I received, but you can only use so many mugs, nick knacks...Thanks for passing on such great ideas!!